Free Crochet Hair Patterns, Buns, Scrunchies, Headbands and More

A ~ C D ~ J K ~ R S ~ Z
~A~  Daphne’s Scrunchie Page  Karaoke Headband  SAGE IN BLOOM SCRUNCHIE
 Alissa’s Ballet Bun Cover  Dewdrop Scrunchie  Kat’s Ruffled Scrunchie  Sally’s Scrunchie
 Ambar’s Simply Scrunchie #3  Diamond Filet Triangle Scarf  Kayli’s Scrunchies  Sandy’s Quick ‘n Easy Scrunchie
 Ambar’s Simply Scrunchy #1  Disco Queen Ponytail Holder  Keep Warm Headband  Scallops on the Half Shell Scrunchie
 Ambar’s Simply Scrunchy #2  Donna Scrunchie  Kennebec Scrunchie  Scarf Duo
 Anemone Scrunchie  Do-Rag  Knot Stitch Head Scarf  School Spirit Scrunchie
 Animal Headbands  Double Crochet Scrunchies  Knot Stitch Scrunchie  Scrunchie (scroll down page)
Ariannah’s Ruffled Scrunchie Double Sided Flower Petal Scrunchie ~L~  Scrunchie with Beads and Sparkles
~B~ ~E~  Lacey the not so Lacey Headband  SCRUNCHIE: CHERRIE
 Banana Curlz  Ear Flaps Headband  Lacy Shells Scrunchie  Scrunchies
 Basic Bun Cover  Ear Sweater Headband  Lady’s Ear Warmer Headband  Scrunchies
 Bead Soup Scrunchie  Easy Chain Loops Narrow Headband  Lakeside Headband  Sequin Headband
 Beaded Headband  Easy Chain Loops Wide Headband  Large Hair Scrunchie  Shell Hair Scarf
 Easy Headband  Layered Petals Scrunchie  Shell Headband
 Easy Headband  LEMON DROP SCRUNCHIE  Shell Path Headband Free Pattern
 Easy Ribbed Headband  Lignt ‘n’ lacy Braided Headband  Shell Rounds Wide Headband
 Elegant Thread Scrunchie  Little Bird Tracks Headband  Shell Stitch & Picot Scrunchie
 End of the Braid Scrunchie  LITTLE FAT SCRUNCHIE  Silky Headband
 Exercise Sweatband  Little Filet Bun Cover  Simple Beaded Scrunchie
 Exercise Sweatband  Long SC Laces Narrow Headband  Simple Hair Wrap
 Extra-Full, Double-Sided Ruffled Scrunchie  Loop De Loop Scrunchie  Simple Headband
 Eyelash Scrunchie  Loopie Scrunchie  Simple Hooded Scarf & Headband
~F~  Loop-The-Loop Snood  Simple Lacy Scrunchy
 Fancy Yarn Ponytail Holders  Loopy Scarf with Beaded Tassels  Simple Red Cotton Scrunchie
 Fireside Headband  LOVE KNOT SCRUNCHIE  Simplicity Headband
 Fitted Ear Warmer Headband ~M~  Simply Scrunchies
 Beth’s Simple Shell Scrunchie  Floral Scrunchie  Mary’s Loop-de-Loop Scrunchie  Single Crochet Triangle Scarf
 Betsy’s One-Hour Beaded Scrunchie  Flower Hair Clip  Mini Cables Wide Headband  Slanted Cluster-Shell Scrunchie
 Bev’s Ear Warners  Flower Petal Scrunchie  MISS LOLLI SCRUNCHIE  Small Chenille Scrunchie
 Big Looped Scrunchie  Flowered Hair Band  Multi-Way Scrunchie  Small Scrunchie
 Blackberry Bow Barrette  Forever in Blue Jeans Scrunchie  My Daughter’s Point of View Scrunchie  Snood
 BLUE ICE SCRUNCHIE  Fran’s Fancy Scrunchie ~N~  So Easy Headband – Narrow Version
 BOA SCRUNCHIE  Fran’s Lacey Scrunchie  Noelle’s Scrunchie with Pony Beads  Soccer Scrunchie
 Bobble Headband  Free Children’s Hat Crochet Pattern Links  Notched Headband  Soft Pink Kerchief
 Bobble Scrunchie  Fringed Scrunchie ~O~  Softball Scrunchie
 Braided Headband  Full & Fluffy Scrunchie  One-Hour Beaded Scrunchie  Solid Shell Stitch Winter Headband
 Bulky Scrunchie  Fun Fur Headband  One-Round Ruffled Scrunchie  Speedy Scrunchie
 Bumblebee Scrunchie  Fun Fur Headband  One-Round Scrunchie  Spiral Scrunchie
 Bunch-o-Raspberries Scrunchie  Fun Fur Mini-Bag & Scrunchie ~P~  Spring Fiesta Scrunchie
 Button Scrunchie  Fun Fur Scrunchy or Bracelet  Pacific’s Scrunchie  Spring Fling Scrunchie
 By The Hook – Scrunchies  Fun Poneytail Holders  Panta (Headband)  Spring Lace Scrunchie
~C~  Fun Poneytail Holders  Patriotic Granny Square Headband  Springtime Flowers Scrunchies
 Calendula (Marigold) Barrette ~G~  Patriotic Scunchie  Springy Crocheted Head Wrap
 Chain Scrunchie  Gemstone Scrunchie  Peace Symbol Stick Barrette  Springy Head Wrap
 Chain Stitch Kerchief  Granny Square Center Wide Headband  Peek A Boo Scrunchie  Starring Scrunchie
 Checkerboard Snood  Granny Sun Scrunchie  Perky Snood  Stratton Scrunchie
 Chelsea’s Ruffled Scrunchie  Granny Trio Granny Square Headband  Picot Scrunchie  Striking Scrunchie
 Chenille Hair Bow  Gypsy Hair Scarf  Pigtail Scrunchie  Sue’s Folded Scrunchie
 Chignon Net ~H~  PINAFORE SCRUNCHIE  Summer Headscarf
 Christmas Scrunchie  Hair Accessories  Pineapple Irish Rose Hair Bow  Summer Kerchief
 Chrysanthemum Scrunchie  Hair Bun Wrap (7th pattern)  Ping Pong Hair Scrunchies  Sunburst Scrunchie
 Cluster Stitch Scrunchie  Hair Clip (8th pattern)  PINK EYELET SCRUNCHIE  Sunflower Bun Cover
 Cobweb Scrunchie  Hair Scrunchie  Pink Ice Beaded Headband  Sunflower Bun Cover
 CORAL REEF SCRUNCHIE  Hairband w/ Beads  Pink Icing Scrunchie  Sunflower Scrunchie
 Courtney’s Rose Hair Cuff  Halloween Spider Scrunchie  Pool Scrunchies  Sunny Day Scrunchie
 Creating Your Own Scrunchies  Hdc Scrunchie  Posy Hair Bow  Super Easy, Super Fast Scrunchie
 Crochet Chignon Cover  Head Band in Silke-Alpaca  Pretty Little Headband  Suzi’s Headband
 Crochet Curly Que Hair Ties  Head Scarf  Pretty Pink Headband  Suzy’s Lace Scrunchie
 Crochet Hair Band w/ Flowers  Headband  Pretty Scrunchie  Sydney’s Scrunchie
 Crochet Headband  Headband  Priscila’s Ballet Bun Holder  Sylvia Fournier’s Snood Pattern
 Crochet Pattern Central Hair Accessories  Headband & Scrunchies  Purple Braids Wig ~T~
 Crochet Pattern Central Scrunchie Links  Hearts With Lines Headband  Purple Freeze Scrunchie  Teressa’s Scrunchie
 Crochet Scrunchie  Hedda Headband  Purple Headbands  Textured Winter Headband
 Crocheted Barrettes  Hemp Goodies for Your Hair ~Q~  Thick Soft Headband
 Crocheted Coif  Homespun Scrunchie  Quick Kerchief  Three Strands Crochet Headband
 Crocheted Hair Accessories ~I~  Quick No Frills Scrunchie  Tiffany Barrette
 Crocheted Headband  Indian Summer Headband  Quick Satin Scrunchie  Tosca’s Scrunchie
 Crocheted Kerchief  Indianer Head Band  Quick Winter Headband  Touch of Sparkle Hair Bow
 Curlique Scrunchie  Interlocking Rings Headband ~R~  Treble Crochet Headband
 Curly Scrunchie  Irish Rose Bun Cover  Rainbow Looped Scrunchie  Trellis Headscarf
 Curly Scrunchie  Irish Rose Scrunchie-Keeper  Rapunzel’s Elegant Snood  Trellis Wrap Set
 Cute Little Crocheted Flower Clip ~J~  RED HOT SCRUNCHIE  Twisted Loop Scrunchie w/ Variations
 Jacqui’s Scrunchie  Ribbon Scrunchie  Two Color Snood
 Jazzy Headband  Ribbon Small Scrunchie ~V~
 Jester’s Jingle Scrunchie  Rolling Cables Scrunchie  Valentine Hearts Scrunchie
 Jordyn’s Headband  Rose Scrunchie  Vivian Scrunchie
 Julie’s Headband  Ruffled Scrunchie ~W~
 Ruffled Thread Scrunchie  Warm Headbands
 Wild West Scrunchie
 Wild, Wild Red Wig
 Winged Hair Kerchief
 Worms Hair Ties

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